One of the lasting way to be successfulon tiktok is to find out a niche, offering high-quality content and become known for it.  So before starting with your TikTok, one of the most relevant aspects you need to decide is your target audience, which means,  find your own niche on TikTok?

find your tiktok niche

What is niche on Tiktok

Your niche on tiktok tells your audiance who are you? what are you up to? how are you different from others?  then after based  on your niche, you need to setup strategy to offer content and attract like-minded people who are going to engage these content.  

Why is a clear niche so important.

Actually, knowing your audience and sticking to a niche are must-haves to build a strong following,no matter if it’s on TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest.Without a niche and consistency in your content, people won’t know what you stand for and why they should follow you. Plus, knowing your target audience will help you to speak their language and thus attract more of your ideal customer or follower.

How to find your own niche? 

1. According to interest: only if there is interest, there is motivation. For example, if you like beauty makeup, you can make beauty makeup videos.

2. According to popular: The recommended page can see popular areas (pets, beauties, funny, etc.), and get on the bus according to popular ones, and you can catch up with the popularity.

3. According to the market: What content does Tik Tok lack? Just what content to do, the blue ocean started, but this method also has shortcomings, can not learn from peers, and it is not easy to judge whether overseas users like this type of content, but the same risks and opportunities coexist, success is the big IP.