It’s one thing to gain followers; it’s another thing to sell to them. You need to act strategically to get people to give you their money.
Here are two no-nonsense tips to help you increase conversions on TikTok:
1. Optimize your bio
TikTok allows you to add clickable links to the lower section of your profile bio. Make use of it to drive traffic to your website or other social media accounts.
Look at the below examples. These TikTok accounts add a short description (up to 80 characters) to encourage followers to click the link to buy.
Two screenshots showing how TikTok users get traffic to their sites
Also, you can announce your sales by showing it in the bio description. Take these examples for inspiration:
Two screenshots show how TikTok users announce sales on their bios
2. Create a high-converting landing page for your product
When you create a TikTok ad, you add a link to your landing page, which shows all the information about your product. It’s also where people make a purchase.
That’s why your landing page needs to be optimized as much as possible.
Keep in mind the following:
Show a product photo as a hero image right at the beginning of the landing page. The picture should be of high quality and shows all aspects of your product. You can even use GIFs/videos to display your product in action.
For example:
Screenshots show “hero products” displayed on landing pages
Optimize your product description for mobile viewing. TikTok is a smartphone app — don’t forget this.
Show information in a clear format to make it easy to scan and skim. Include bullet points, short paragraphs (each has a few sentences), lots of white space, and different size fonts.
Screenshots show sites with text formatted for easy mobile viewing
Use trust badges and social proof to prove that you’re a trustworthy online seller. Create a sense of urgency to push users to buy quickly before the deal ends.
Screenshots show examples of websites creating a sense of urgency
In case you don’t know:
88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Social proof works!
In a study, over 60% of participants didn’t make a purchase simply because there were no trust badges.
If used correctly, urgency can help you drive up to 332%, as someone did.
That’s all — everything I’ve learned to get famous and make money on TikTok from my friends.
I hope these tips will help you gain a lot of followers on this platform and drive sales for your business. In case I missed any other tips, feel free to share in the comments.